Greatest Magic Tricks Ever

10 of the Greatest Magic Tricks EVER!

10 of the Greatest Magic Tricks EVER!

Magic is the child’s entertainment that no one ever grows out of. Well, at least, we haven’t here at Occasions for all Children! To help share the wonder of magic, we’ve put together a list of the 10 greatest magic tricks of all time (in our opinion, anyway) so you can feel that childlike awe and excitement all over again.


1) Switching a Sword for a Jackhammer

Now, we all know about swallowing swords, but a jackhammer? That’s a whole different game! Magician Thomas Blackthorne showed us how it’s done live on TV, demonstrating that the jackhammer actually worked before putting it down his throat. It’s an amazing trick but you may have to watch from behind your hands!



2) Death by Saw

We can’t not mention magician David Copperfield’s Death by Saw – an incredible and mesmerising trick in which Copperfield ‘accidentally’ saws himself in half with a giant blade before putting himself back together again. Does that not sound like the best thing ever?



3) Catching Bullets

Pen and Teller performed this wacky trick, in which they used the audience members to add belief by drawing on two bullets, which they then proceeded to shoot into each others mouths and catch in their teeth from across the room. If we were there, we probably wouldn’t have been able to watch!



4) Dissapearing Teeth

The famous magician David Blaine never ceases to amaze with his illusions and trickery. In this quick performance with a random member of the public, Blaine removes the woman’s front teeth (which she doesn’t look too happy about), before making them appear again by simply blowing on her face. What? We don’t understand it either.



5) Dove Magic

William Lance Burton stunned with his incredible dove tricks, in which he would seamlessly make a dove appear from a flame in his hand or a length of fabric. The skill in which this highly regarded magician performs this magic is second to none, and though it is not the most flamboyant trick, it’s one of the most incredible to watch.


6) The Quickest Metamorphosis

Husband and wife duo The Pendragons performed one of, if not the, fastest magic tricks in history. Their metamorphosis takes the switching of magician’s places to a whole knew level through their incredible speed which just doesn’t seem possible! The fact that Charlotte not only has time to disappear from view and tie herself up in a bag in a few seconds, but she also manages to somehow change her leotard is simply beyond our comprehension.


7) Walking on Water

For a magician to walk on water is in itself quite the feat, but to do so whilst people swim around and beneath them? Well that’s just something else entirely! This is exactly what Criss Angel did in a public pool. The fact that he also dropped his shoes straight down in the water beneath him at one point added to the “how did he do it?” factor of this one.



8) Chop Cup

Though many have tried this, Paul Daniels is the unrivalled master of the ball and the cup. His sleight of hand and incredible pace as he moves the ball between his pocket and cup is a sight to behold! The effort he put into perfecting this trick (performing it over 300 times) is evident.


9) Rings, Rings, Rings

Though simple and perhaps not one of the most awe-inspiring, the technique and skill from magician Richard Ross in this ring linking trick definitely makes it a deserving addition to the list. Every movement is flawless and fluid – a true joy to watch!


10) Chinese Water Torture Cell

How could we create a list of the best magic tricks without mentioning Houdini? A true wonder and inspiration in the world of magic and one of the greatest magicians we have ever seen. Though the majority of his tricks are fair contenders for our favourite acts, we thought we’d go with his most memorable and often recreated act of being put, head-first, into a water tank with his feet manacled, which he then had two minutes to escape from. The extraordinary thing about this is the fact that Houdini isn’t using illusion, but true skill, and the danger of the act is completely real.

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