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Occasions for all Children provides some of Beckenham’s most entertaining children’s magicians. Our Children’s Magicians in Beckenham, Mr. R and Magic San, provide original entertainment for any children’s party. Our shows are tailored to our audience size, age, type of event and client needs. Specialising in children parties, with years of experience performing, guests are guaranteed to be amazed and amused with the perfect blend of wonder and laughter.

If you are thinking of having a magic-themed Children’s birthday party, we have a number of packages that start from as little as a one hour for a children’s magician in Beckenham for your birthday child. Be sure to ask about our truly unique packages, we have options for every budget. If you are looking for a Children’s Magician Beckenham then you have definitely come to the right place!

Our Childrens Magician Beckenham will entertain your party by performing a range of fantastic magic tricks, effects and illusions. These tricks and illusions seem impossible or supernatural to the Children. Our magicians learn these magic tricks by practising them over and over again, sometimes taking weeks and weeks to perfect. Sleight of hand tricks especially, require extensive practice to ensure that our tricks are executed flawlessly during performances.

Children by nature watch intently so as to spot ‘the trick’. Our Childrens Magician Beckenham have special techniques that have been perfected over many years by constant practice and performance so that our tricks can’t be spotted by even a trained eye. Our Childrens Magicians in Beckenham Mr. R and Magic San will use visual, sensory and auditory illusions in their tricks since it is a well-known fact that a person’s perception can contradict what is actually happening.

During the show, our Children’s Magician in Beckenham will give the children the opportunity to play exciting games and win fun prizes!

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