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Your local children’s magician in Eltham. Occasions for all Children provides some of Eltham’s most entertaining children’s magicians. Our famous children’s magicians, Mr. R and Magic San, provide magical and hysterical entertainment for any children’s party. We specialise in kids’ birthday parties – amazing and amusing guests of all ages with the perfect blend of wonder and laughter. Our fully inclusive magic shows will always be tailored to the size of the audience and the age of the children.

Planning a magic-themed children’s birthday party? Then we have the package for you, with birthday party shows from one hour upwards, and something to suit every budget, our children’s magician in Eltham will give your birthday child the perfect day. If you are looking for a children’s magician in Eltham, Occasions for all Children is the best place for you!

Our Childrens Magician Eltham will entertain your party by performing a range of fantastic magic tricks, effects and illusions. These tricks and illusions seem impossible or supernatural to the Children. Our magicians learn these magic tricks by practising them over and over again, sometimes taking weeks and weeks to perfect. Sleight of hand tricks especially, require extensive practice to ensure that our tricks are executed flawlessly during performances.

Children watch intently, and we never want them to spot the trick! So at Occasions for all Children, we have developed special techniques over many years and through constant practice so that our tricks can’t be spotted by even a trained eye.

Our children’s magician Eltham, Mr. R and Magic San will use all kinds of illusions to trick the minds of their audience, and during the show, our performers will give the children plenty of opportunities to get involved with games and prizes!

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