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Occasions for all Children provides Maidstone’s most entertaining children’s party magicians. Our children’s magician in Maidstone, Mr. R and Magic San, provide custom-made entertainment for any children’s party. We tailor our shows for the audience size and children’s ages, and with years of experience performing, we make sure that all of your guests are amazed and amused with our mix of wonderful tricks and jokes.

For a magical children’s birthday party in Maidstone, look no further, because if you need a children’s magician in Maidstone then you have definitely come to the right place! We have a range of packages that start from as little as a one hour and can offer truly unique packages with options for every budget.

Children want to be amazed at a magic show, and our children’s magician in Maidstone will perform a range of illusions, magic tricks, and special effects to wow the crowd. Our magicians learn their magic tricks by practising them over and over again until they are flawless. We all practice extensively to ensure that our tricks are perfect for every performance.

We know that children, especially older boys and girls, will watch any performer to spot the secret, which is why our children’s magicians in Maidstone have perfected special techniques through years of practice so that our tricks can’t be spotted by even a trained eye.

Our children’s magicians in Maidstone, Mr. R and Magic San, use illusions which target the senses of sight and sound in their tricks so that the children’s perception will be tricked into seeing something that might not actually be happening! We perform interactive magic, with fun games and great prizes to be won during the show.

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