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Children’s Party Checklist

Whether you’re planning your child’s first or tenth birthday party, it can often be an overwhelming experience. With so many different things to remember, chances are there will be something forgotten or left behind. So, to avoid those last minute rush to the costume shop and a frantic supermarket sweep – we’ve put together your ultimate children’s party checklist!

Children’s Party Checklist 1. Venue

Secure your venue at least six weeks before. There’s nothing worse than going to view a venue with a month to go until your little angel’s birthday and completely falling in love with it only to find out that it’s all booked up until next year. Save yourself some initial tears and book early! It will give you the peace of mind to relax and continue working down our Childrens Entertainer London party checklist.

Children’s Party Checklist 2. Guest list & Invites

Once you’ve got the venue secured you can begin to decide who you going to invite. It’s notably easier to put together a guest list for a Childrens Entertainer London party over an adult’s soiree, but it’s still a crucial aspect of planning. Send out your invites with at least three weeks to go, that’ll give other parents time to coordinate the day a little easier while ensuring as many of your children’s friends can attend the party.

Children’s Party Checklist 3. Theme

Picking a theme for the party isn’t a necessity, however, it will make the rest of party planning much easier. The theme will act as a guide for everything from your decorations to your entertainment and beyond! From Superhero’s to magicians, just choose your child’s latest obsession and start the preparation.

Children’s Party Checklist 4. Entertainment

Now, onto the main event: the entertainment. If you get the entertainment right, the party will be a guaranteed success (i.e. you won’t have to end up entertaining them yourself!). But choosing the right entertainment can be tricky – you’ll want a Childrens Entertainer London that will not only captivate the children’s imaginations but will actually engage with them. We are a little bias when it comes to the entertainment side of things, but whether it’s Princess party you’re after or a children’s magician, Occasions for all Children supplies everything! A team of entertainers who specialise in face painting, balloon making, competitions and prizes, everything you need to make your party a success and most importantly, as stress-free as possible!

Children’s Party Checklist 5. Sweets and treats

Not all venues supply a caterer, so if yours doesn’t just remember that most children are easy to please when it comes to party food. Just think back to your guest list when planning to prepare for any food allergies or intolerances. But, keeping it simple will certainly save costs and honestly, if their favourite superhero walks through the door, chances are they’re not going to want to sit down to a ham sandwich!

Children’s Party Checklist 6. On the day

If you can, book the venue for an hour or two either side of the party to give you time to set up and tidy away again at the end without having to rush around. Before the party begins, decorate the room with your chosen theme and begin to bring the magic alive. Watch the joy appear on your child’s face as they see their favourite superhero or princess come to life for the first time! And remember, try to RELAX, if you’ve picked the right Childrens Entertainer London you’ll be able to relax with a cold glass of cherryade while they do all the hard work.

Children’s Party Checklist 7. The After-Mass

There’s only one thing to really remember after the party, and that’s the thank you’s. To make the process easy, try to keep a list on the day of which parent and child came with which gift, it will make sending ‘thank you’ cards a walk in the park! Or, if in the madness of wrapping paper and screaming children you do forget, send out an honest letter thanking them, no doubt the other parents will be able to relate to the chaos and it’ll save any awkward playground encounters!

If you’re looking for Childrens Entertainers London, then get in touch today. We have bespoke packages to fulfil all your Childrens Entertainer London needs and more!

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