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Our 5 Favourite Street Magicians

As you can probably gather from our previous blogs, Occasions for All Children are OBSESSED with magic of all kinds. So this month we’ve decided to have a look at street magic! With the summer months in full swing, London is busy busy busy with tourists from all over the world visiting our beautiful capital. The streets are alive with performers of all calibre, with that in mind, it seems there’s no better time to put together a list of our favourite street magicians!

Magician 1 – Dynamo

Now it would be an utter insult to put together a list of amazing street magicians without mentioning the mesmerising Dynamo. Dynamo (or Steven) is a British born magician and street performer has performed some of the most mind-boggling tricks using London as its background. Dynamo puts together spontaneous but huge tricks that capture the accidental audience (the right place, right time audience) by complete surprise. From walking on the River Thames to levitating on a London bus, Dynamo truly deserves the number one position on our list. Take a look at a few of our favourite tricks, below!

Magician 2 – Derren Brown

Although not strictly a street performer, Derren Brown has been captivating and controlling audiences for a number of years now. He combines magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to achieve the seemingly impossible. He is known for his mind reading feats as well as for predicting and controlling human behaviour. Derren’s live shows have proved great success with many claiming they were ‘stuck to their seats’ during one of his broadcasts. No-one has managed to disprove or ‘solve’ any of Derren’s tricks making him one of the best in the industry. The video below reveals what happened when Derren took his magic to London!

Magician 3 – Troy

As an up and coming street artist, Troy was picked up by Channel 4 and given his own TV show. Troy’s magic focused on the younger generation, staying current and using everyday objects to amaze and mystify his audience. Troy’s charismatic approach to magic is what makes him stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye out in London, because that’s usually where you’ll find Troy!

we would love to show you this but unfortunately it has been removed from YouTube.

Magician 4 – Julius Dein

He’s a notorious prankster/magician/online personality that has made his name through the power of social media. Julius performs street magic all over the world using simple, yet effective tricks using simple objects. His combination of prankster tendencies and love of magic makes him a very entertaining man to watch! His YouTube channel has over 350,000 subscribers, but here’s a video of him at his finest!

Magician 5 – Chris Ramsey

Chris is probably the least known magician on our list, but being based in the big apple, he hasn’t got the exposure as some of the other magicians! Chris Ramsay specializes in the deceptive practices. Using techniques he’s refined through thousands of hours of practice, he persists in altering your perceived reality. His flare for creativity has thrown him in to the world of deception, where some of his techniques are distributed to practitioners across the globe. At the forefront of today’s industry of modern conjuring, Chris is constantly creating new ways to entertain and redefine your idea of magic! Check him out.

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