For the love of magic…Valentine’s Day Tricks

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but rather than splashing out on flowers and chocolates, why not learn a new magic trick to impress your loved one? Here are a few of our favourites.

The famous American magician, Doc Eason, developed the ‘Anniversary Waltz’ card trick and unashamedly called it “the strongest card trick known to man.” It’s a modern day classic that creates an emotional connection in the viewers and has been known to reduce people to tears.
Take a look at the video and you’ll maybe see why:

If you have time to spare this is a longer video, but worth the watch. It shows you 7 easy-to-learn magic tricks all with a Valentine’s Day theme, and with a bit of practice you can master them in time for February 14th. The other great thing is that the illusions are created using props you already have, or have lying about the house. These make them ideal for kids, whether you want to impress them or teach them how to impress others. Take a look:

Finally, to see our personal favourite Valentine’s Day card trick, take a look at Kevin Viner’s card magic and paper cutting prowess!

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