A Halloween Party Full of Tricks AND Treats!

Thinking of throwing a Halloween party this year?  Why not add a bit of magic and mystery by making it a witches and wizards’ special complete with themed magic show?!  Here are our top tips for throwing a magical Halloween party full of tricks AND treats.

Get involved!

Dress up, play the games and sing the songs.  Nothing else you do will make it more special for you and your children than them seeing you playing with them at the party rather than on the side lines.  Choose a children’s magic entertainer who will make sure that everyone is included – child and adult alike!

Be age appropriate

Tailor your party to the age of your guests…in other words, don’t terrify the little ones!  And plan for a children’s magician who can cater to all ages, even in a mixed group.  Just because you’ve got a house full of younger children, does not mean you need to sacrifice the classics like pumpkin decorating and bobbing for apples – you just need to adjust the game so that they aren’t using knives or having to put their faces in the water if they don’t want to.

Make a spooky atmosphere

Witches, ghosts, skeletons, spiders and jack-o’-lanterns are classics for a reason!  Make sure kids are kept safe by using battery operated candles rather than real flames in the jack-o’-lanterns.  Spooky music and lighting can add to the fun, but make sure the room isn’t too dark or the children will miss all the fun!

A Halloween magic party can have all the trimmings of a usual kids’ party with balloons, party bags and funny masks, so don’t get so carried away with the spooky look that you forget the party fun!

Make scary good food

There are hundreds of ideas online for making a Halloween style buffet – but since we specialise in the party entertainment and not the catering, we’ll leave you to your own research!  Our top tips remain the same though; don’t spend a fortune, and don’t get so carried away with the theme you make things kids won’t eat!

Ghoulish Games and Entertainment

Most party games can be tailored to suit a Halloween party theme – Zombie tag, a ‘graveyard’ themed treasure hunt, or pass the parcel with little spooky surprises in between the layers.  If the children are in fancy dress, don’t forget to hold a costume contest.  To makes sure everyone is involved, create lots of categories so everyone wins a prize (best superhero, most colourful, best face paint etc.)

Of course, no magical Halloween event would be complete without a scarily good magic show! Get in touch with Occasions for all Children today to book your next magical party.

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