How to turn a magical children’s party into a total disaster!

If you are a parent, there’s a good chance that you’ve been to your share of awful children’s parties.  Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to take a brilliant theme, like magic, and turn it into a cringeworthy party – so how do you avoid a disaster at your next magical children’s party?  At Occasions for all Children we’ve been to our fair share of birthday parties and our experience has helped us compile a list of some sure-fire ways to make your magical party a disaster!!  Here is what NOT to do:

  1. Sugar sugar everywhere!

If you start a party with the feast, complete with cake and sugary treats, you will pretty much guarantee a disaster of a birthday party!  Once they are hopped up on cupcakes, juice and sweeties, it can be difficult to get the attention of your tiny guests focused on anything else.

To help make sure you keep in control of the party, we suggest having the food at the end of the event, or at least after the magic show.  That goes for sugar free parties too, because even if you serve nothing but healthy treats (which may endear you to the other parents but may not make you too popular with your child’s friends!) children may spill and make a mess – of both the party room and themselves.  This can make the rest of your magical party uncomfortable, sticky and downright chaotic.

  1. A full house

If you are planning on hosting the party at home, please do not invite too many people.  As well as making it stressful for you and your guests, a house that is a ‘squash and a squeeze’ won’t leave any room for the magician to set up their magic show.  If there is not enough room, people will not be able to see and there will be some upset children.

If you are hiring a space to have the party, it is still a good idea not to invite too many guests.  A wild and unmanageable party may be great fun when you are a student, it’s not ideal when your guests are in primary school and you are responsible for them and their safety!  Too many guests or too small a space is the recipe for a party disaster.

  1. Making it your ideal party

So, after three sons, you finally have your chance to throw a pink, glittery, princess party for your little girl.  How exciting.  She would rather have a Superhero themed party, but what does she know…?  Unfortunately, this is a pretty common disaster – parents forgetting to include their children in the planning!  Ask the birthday boy or girl about the cake, the food, the music, the invitations – involve them as much as you can.  If you make it the party they have always wanted, you will see joy on their face and that’s what makes it special for you.

  1. Going completely DIY.

Some of the best parties we have entertained at have been single-handedly organised, decorated and catered by a lone parent…so going DIY (or, let’s be honest, going completely Pinterest crazy!) is not a bad thing.  However, spending a few hours on YouTube and buying a bumper pack of magic tricks does not make you a children’s entertainer…sorry.  You can save yourself the time, effort and potential embarrassment by choosing a professional magician for your party entertainment.  It will be the best decision you can make!

To avoid disaster and make sure your next party is magical, get in touch with Occasions for all Children today and find out what we can do.

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