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How To Throw The Perfect Garden Party

Garden parties are one of the best ideas when throwing a children’s birthday party because let’s face it, they can get a little expensive and extremely chaotic with children running around on a sugar-high! Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or a twelfth birthday, garden parties can be adapted to suit any age range and make the whole day much easier to manage…

Where do I start?

Admittedly, they can be a little daunting to begin with so to give yourself a head start and try to come up with a theme that you’d like the party to be based around. Get the kids involved in this process, they’ll love the creativity and watch their ideas come to life!

Whether you’re looking at doing a traditional garden party with finger food, garden games such as musical chairs and a bouncy castle or a festival themed birthday party with tents, music and a BBQ – there is truly something for everyone. Whatever you decide on, make sure you get the children involved with creating welcome signs or just general decorations – not only will it save you some money, it will keep the kids quiet for an afternoon.

Just ensure that whatever theme you do decide on, make sure it’s nice and clear when sending out the invites so that guests know what they need to wear or bring!

Preparation is key!

So you’ve decided on your theme, it’s now time to decide on the entertainment! If you’re looking to hire an entertainer from Occasions For All Children, we have something to suit every party – from pirates to princess and magicians to monkeys – give us a call and we will certainly be able to sort you something for your special day!

Top tip: Make sure you book at least three months in advance – entertainers get very busy, especially around summer!

Sit down with the birthday girl/boy and create a guest list, think about everyone in their class and any friends they may have from out of school activities – remember that because the party is going to be outside, numbers don’t have to be as limited as a birthday party indoors! Be sure to include a deadline that you’d like responses by, that way you can begin to accurately prepare how much food and drink is required.

Summer does not always mean sun

Unfortunately, our British Summer is not reliable enough to just assume that on the day you’ll be blessed with blue skies and sun. It will come in handy to have a plan of what to do if it does rain – whether that’s arranging for the party to move indoors, or having a gazebo on stand by just in case of any unexpected down pours.

But if it does rain, don’t let that spoil your day, if you’ve planned in advance you’ll already have indoors games lined up too!

On the big day!

Once the big day has arrived, the main priority of the day should be the food and drinks. With a summer party, the food can be as simple as you like. A BBQ is the perfect way to not only provide good, hot food but it’s so easy to prepare because there is no preparation! Simply heat it up 15 minutes before cooking and throw some burgers and sausages on. If you put together some snacks too, you’ll have some very happy children!

With the entertainment in full swing and the children having an amazing time – all your hard work is done. The only thing left to worry about it making sure you don’t drop the cake! So feel free to relax a little and let the entertainer take full control – With Occasions For All Children, we supply a team of helpers that ensure you get to do as little as possible!

Tidy up time

When the end of the party is nearing, try to say goodbye to each of your guests, it’s only a small gesture but can go a long way with both parents and children, and if you’re supplying party bags, it’s the perfect time to hand those out!

With only the tidying up left to do you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on an amazing party and start thinking about next years big event!

So, if you’re looking for a children’s party entertainer, look no further! Occasions For All Children provide the entertainment and so much more! Get in touch today and books your magician, pirate, or favourite cartoon character NOW!

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