Why magic parties make the best parties!

If you have ever held children’s magic parties before, you will understand how difficult it can be to make sure all of the young guests feel included in the celebrations and enjoy their time at the party.  Especially with younger children, or with a range of ages – a whole group of different personalities in an unfamiliar environment can make holding their attention difficult.  That’s why you choose a professional to take care of the entertainment, and we believe that a magician is the answer.

A magician, like Occasions for All Children, is the perfect way to encourage your child and their friends to interact as a group.  The magician will organise ways for the children to all take part in the party, whatever their level of confidence, so they have fun and leave with great memories.

We make sure that the children have time to make their own fun, and play together in free time, rather than just watching a show from start to finish – which is no one’s idea of a party!  However, playing some organised party games is another great way to make sure everyone is included, and sections of any magical party should be set aside for some classic party games – like Musical Statues or Pass the Parcel.  By choosing familiar favourites that all ages can enjoy, everyone will be included and get some physical activity too – getting all the ‘wriggles’ out before the show begins!

The highlight of magic parties is, of course, is the magic show!  By having a children’s entertainer you will guarantee that everyone is entertained (and that you get a break!).  An interactive, magical entertainment experience includes all of the children – keeps them fascinated, and gets them laughing!  So to book your magical party today, get in touch and find out more about our packages to suit all ages.


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